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In our Kung Fu school we offer Kung Fu courses for: Adults, KIDS & TEENS, for beginners and advanced

Kung Fu - Gong Fu

First you’ll sweat
then you’ll smile

Here comes the mother of all martial arts, and she will bring you everything you need: physical fitness, mental freshness and emotional balance, all at once.

Now let's get down to what that means for you. You’ve probably guessed that all of this comes at a price: for you to sweat, and as often as possible. With this, the proven and traditional system is the perfect way for physical fitness and mental cultivation.

Let's get started: With Kung Fu, you’ll learn different punches, kicks and lever techniques in a dynamic way, which in combination with powerful movements, breathing techniques and playful duels will make you extremely fit and well- balanced.

That takes strength but will give you a lot of power in return, and on top of that an indescribable smile - after every session, promised.

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Phoenix is the official representative of the Kungfu school Long Chan Qi Dao