Learn Kung Fu in Frankfurt

At our Kung Fu school we offer Kung Fu courses for: Adults, KIDS & TEENS, for beginners and advanced

Kung Fu for Kids & Teens

Shaolin - here we come!

Line up, greet each other and here we go: warm up (running, jumping, catching), kicking (now to the technique) and boxing (only in the air at first). Playful while following a well thought out plan, since kids and teens learn fast and will commit to the session with a dedicated trainer and the right programme.

Perfect for anyone who likes to let off a little steam, as well as for those kids and teens who could benefit from some more movement. In a group with other children, it feels half as hard, but its twice as much fun.

And don't worry, dear mothers and fathers: your child will not become a bully at home or at school. On the contrary: they will learn how to best use their energy (and children always have more than enough of that!). Besides, you’ll have less to worry about when the kids and teens are out on their own, as they’ll be more confident and have the potential to defend themselves.

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