Learn Wushu at the Phoenix Academy Frankfurt

In our Wushu courses you’ll learn the modern competitive Wushu of China


Its extreme
but also extremely fun and makes you extremely fit

First of all, to anybody who is reading this and is over 36 years old: please skip this page without feeling you might be missing out (unless you are looking for a hard, acrobatic training for your younger brother or sister!) 

All others: stay tuned, because Wu Shu might be for you if you are between 6 and 36 years young and enjoy extreme body control and acrobatic moves.

Faster, higher and further are the keywords of Wu Shu: here you can train your fitness and actively power up. As with all Asian martial arts, the focus is on unarmed attack and defence techniques, but you’ll also learn impressive weapon techniques - and last but not least, you’ll build an incredible body.

Extreme muscle ache is to be expected in the first weeks of Wu Shu – but so is an extreme amount of fun.

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