Bringing exercise to companies in Frankfurt: 
Kung Fu, Taiji, Qi Gong, Meditation

We offer classes for companies, clubs, institutions, banks, and other groups

Team Training - Fitness Coaching

We’ll come to you, and allow your team to become fit

This is an offer for those that want to help their company, club or community move forward. Our teachers are highly qualified, very motivated, and excited to bring a lot of energy, motivation and power to your team.

Here are some of our clients:

  • ESOC, Darmstadt – Kung Fu
  • And Company and Co., Berlin - Taiji
  • DZ Bank, Frankfurt - Taiji
  • Lancastar, Frankfurt - Qigong, Meditation, Acupressure
  • Airpluscenter, Frankfurt - Qigong
  • Neue Wege Reisen, Rheinbach - Taiji, Qigong, Yoga
  • Studien Kontakt Reisen, Köln - Taiji, Qigong
  • Filmfestival Nippon Connection, Frankfurt - Kung Fu
  • Viktor-Frankl- School, Frankfurt - Selbstverteidigung, Kung Fu
  • Fitness-Studio, Frankfurt - Body-Mind-Boxing
  • Museumsuferfest/ Museum Embankment Festival, Frankfurt - Kung Fu-, Wu Shu-, Taiji-, Sword-Performance
  • City-Arena, Frankfurt - Kungfu-, Wushu-, Taiji- Performance
  • Various projects with artists from Frankfurt
  • Infomotion GmbH, Frankfurt - Body-Mind-Boxing
  • Edelman GmbH, Frankfurt - Taiji
  • Mosaik School, Frankfurt - Self-defence, Kung Fu
  • Kinderbüro, Frankfurt - Kung Fu
  • Frankfurter Sparkasse - Kung Fu
  • EVANDA e.V., Frankfurt - Qigong
  • Valentin-Senger-School, Frankfurt - Self-defence, Kung Fu
  • Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt - Qi Gong, Taiji
  • Hospital zum Heiligen Geist, Frankfurt - Qi Gong

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