Extracurricular classes for schools and students in Frankfurt

Self-defence, Kung Fu, acrobatics, Qigong, Taiji and meditation – Classes for schools in Frankfurt

Training at your school

Do something good for your students and school

Kids and teens naturally feel an urge to move, so it is helpful for both the students and the teachers when this urge is addressed. Especially students with behavioural difficulties can be motivated and integrated with training tailored towards them, allowing them to better take part in their regular school day.
Kung Fu is able to influence students on two levels

  • The physical level: the excess energy is diffused by actively working out
  • The mental level: coordination and concentration are improved through calming and meditation exercises

This means that over the years, students that are loud and aggressive become calmer and more sociable and those that are quiet and withdrawn become more active. Naturally, this doesn’t happen overnight, but after giving it some time to develop, it benefits all those involved.