Support and challenge children and young people in Frankfurt -
With your help we can become active

Appeal for donations to the Phoenix Academy for children and youth promotion with the project " Lotus flower"

Promotion of children & youth "Lotus flower"

Actively encourage and challenge children and youth in Frankfurt

Help us to support socially disadvantaged children and young people!

Your donation enables children and young people to participate in our courses, workshops and training trips.

There, the children and teenagers learn to use their power properly and that success through performance is fun. This strengthens their self-confidence, helps their families and increases their chances for the future.

The right tone, social behaviour and social responsibility are just as important in training as physical fitness. This is good for the little ones and for our society. Help us and make an important contribution - it is worth it. Especially the Asian way of martial arts is gratefully accepted by the children & young people as a way to build their character: Somehow the kids & teens instinctively feel that discipline is good for them.

Would you like to know if your donation is being used sensibly?

With pleasure! Just drop by at a training session.

Phoenix charitable academy for martial and healing arts

In 1990 the physiotherapist/dancer Alexandra Prase-Dressler and Dr. phil. Thomas Milanowski (with help from their families) founded the association "Path of Vitality" (Qi Dao). The purpose of the foundation was to promote social virtue and harmony by means of traditional martial and healing arts.

From the beginning, one of the main focuses was supporting children and youth. Over the years, in cooperation with various municipal institutions as well as within the children and youth courses in our school, we have succeeded in making a positive contribution to child and youth development in Frankfurt. In 2010, we founded the charitable Phoenix GmbH.

The Lotus Flower project, which was launched in 2011, serves to support Frankfurt children and young people from socially disadvantaged families.

Who is eligible?

  • Children whose parents receive one of the following types of aid: Child allowance, housing benefit, unemployment benefit II, basic provision in old age and in case of permanent reduction in earning capacity, assistance with subsistence, benefits according to § 2 of the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.
  • Children whose parents have a low income.
  • Young adults up to the age of 25 who attend school and do not earn their own income.

And this is how you can help:

You can donate any amount at any time without committing yourself to further donations or set up a standing order.

Bank account for donations

"Projekt Lotusblüte"
BLZ 500 400 00
KTO 64 68 68 002
IBAN DE66 5004 0000 0646 8680 02  

Managing directors
Dr. Thomas Milanowski, Alexandra Prase-Dressler
HRB 88840 Frankfurt