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In our Taiji School we offer Taiji courses for beginners & advanced students in Yang-, Chen-, Wu- & Sun-style.

Taijiquan -Tai Chi Chuan

For the few,
the chosen ones,
the lucky ones

Tai Ji Quan is the supreme discipline of the internal martial arts.

The main focus of Tai Ji Quan is the cultivation of the cosmic Qi power, which leads to thoughtfully applied strength, health and serenity. As they say in China: "Whoever practices Tai Ji Quan will be calm like a wise man and strong like a tiger."

With slow, flowing movements, inner strength and a relaxed, targeted breathing, qi life force is awakened, strengthened and cultivated. It will help you to achieve lasting health and above all to master your everyday life and the challenges it brings with it.

Tai Ji Quan is the traditional way of the nobles and the warriors - go with them, discover and awaken the energies that are within you.

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